1. Q: How does CBA assist with the development and planning of long range health insurance strategies, and in the development of alternative strategies to reduce risk to assets and resources for their clients?A: By design, our firm is organized in a way in which we maximize our ability to achieve short and long term health care strategies.  In order to do this, CBA is expert in the design, administration and implementation of alternative health care solutions.

For example, our claims sharing contracts with all of the major insurers allow us to build and administer creative cost savings plans.  We are confident you have not seen many of these strategies before as they are proprietary to CBA yet supported by the main line insurance companies.
2. Q: How does CBA negotiate annual renewal of coverage from carriers for health and dental and seek competitive quotes from other health benefit carriers and provide advice and recommendations to senior leadership for consideration?A: CBA is well versed in the annual RFP Process.  Our client advocate team is able to leverage our strong relationships with all the various carriers to make the RFP process efficient and effective.  This is a core function at CBA that we excel at.
3. Q: How does CBA review policies and endorsements for accuracy and conformance with negotiated coverage and ensure the timely issuance of policies and endorsements?A: CBA realizes the importance of having information in a timely and accurate fashion.  The integrity of the plans and the benefits is crucial to the success both for the employer and the employee.  For this very reason, CBA has invested time and energy in creating checks and balances within the organization and the carriers to make sure information is accurate.
4. Q: How does CBA assist with health benefit plan administration and setting up the plans? A: Assisting employees and employers with questions related to insurance funding vehicles, claims, product design, and benefits is vital to the success of an employee benefit plan.  Our Client Advocate Team is the driving force behind this success.  Most of the Client Advocate Team has several years experience working at the major insurance carriers.  This familiarity with the processes, rules, and regulations of the insurance company allows us to quickly solve employee questions and concerns.
5. Q: How does CBA provide advice and guidelines on new laws, regulations, and procedures in the area of health care reform requirements, plan audits, and health benefits administration?A: CBA believes in the importance of educating both our clients and employees.  We are constantly on top of legislative updates along with any updates from the insurers.  Through our Quarterly Benefit Breakfast Series we constantly introduce relevant topics to our clients and our own Client Advocate team.  
6. Q: How does CBA provide advice and guidance regarding the use of a benefits portal to facilitate benefits education process, the enrollment process, beneficiary verification and the offering of ancillary benefits?A: Through our affiliation with Zywave Systems, we are able to offer an HR Management System that provides employees with a policy, rate and benefit communication tool; compensation and benefit statements; plus enrollment management and employee issue and resolution system.
7. Q: Will CBA provide informational materials and assist with employee presentations regarding renewed plans, premium costs, and how the plans work?A: We believe that educational materials are crucial in the success of the employee benefits plan.  CBA has created marketing materials in various forms to accommodate employees and their dependents enrolled on the plan.   Through our educational meetings during open enrollment and throughout the year, we will educate employees on how the plans work along with an overview of the marketplace.

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We have had a longstanding partnership with CBA/PBG. They offer creative and progressive plan designs with exceptional premium savings and quality client service.  They are a trusted consultant and advisor that consistently is prepared to go the extra mile to meet our needs.
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